Photo 114

I just finished the photography class I was taking at Columbus State. I had the best intentions of posting my work here as I completed it throughout the quarter but I never got around to it, until now. Here are some of my favorite photos from each of my projects.

Project #1, Color and Detail:

Project #2, Landscape and Close-Up:

Project #3, Flash and Motion:
(Although this was the hardest project for me, in the end, these images turned out to be some of my favorites.)
Project #4, Portraits: (In case you're curious, the models are a random guy taking a smoke break at Cols State, a girl from my class and my sweet little Spencie.)

Project #5 (my final project) to come in another post....


katie c said...

the piano keys, row of globes and splashing water are my favourites. nice work kim!

Autumn said...

Awesome!! I love the splashing water, Spencer and the spinning globe. Is that the mini globe from Target?!! I am seeing more and more globes and keep thinking of you. (More at Target for $5 but they're not functional, just decorative-no base/stand.) I'd love to see ALL of your pix sometime. Thanks for posting these!